Throughout the SCITT year, I have had the opportunity to attend subject sessions each week for three hours. These have proven to be particularly useful at developing subject pedagogy and subject knowledge. Identifying where my weaknesses are was very useful as it helped me to become a better all round teacher. One of the most useful activities from the session was taking ideas on how to teach specific topics. Overall, the subject sessions have been an invaluable part of the year and have helped to develop me as a teacher!

Subject sessions have provided essential focus time to develop my own practise as well as subject pedagogy, this time has allowed me to reflect on the progress made but also create targets to develop further. The three hours a week have continuously supported me on my journey through my training year and provided essential guidance through the course, the outstanding support has been invaluable. With the recent GCSE reform i have found this time most effective in developing my own subject knowledge, this has been a continuous process throughout the year, again, supported by various resources and pedagogical links. Overall these sessions have provided a framework for improving practise, whether this is specific to the Geography itself or the teaching pedagogy.

UCAS Codes

UCAS Codes:

Barr Beacon School2X2D

Dame Elizabeth Cadbury34BC

Elmwood School -2X2F

Etone College2X2G