The task of teaching maths to students can seem a daunting challenge. For many students, Mathematics is their least favourite subject and the problems given seem impossible. However the attitude towards maths from Barr Beacon students is different, thanks to the schools ethos and incredible Maths teaching styles and techniques, students enjoy and thrive in their maths lessons. The training provided from the maths department on the SCITT training course helps promote this love of learning to all students. You are trained by some of the most enthusiastic, resourceful and creative teachers who provide innovative ideas on teaching and engaging students in maths.

As a department, all teachers enjoy in sharing good practice and resources, so you are never short on an idea for a lesson. All teachers, whether it be you own mentor, teachers within the department or the head of department are there to support and guide you to become an outstanding teacher. The maths department is one of the biggest departments in the school, yet you are treated as a member of the team from the minute you start your training; which helps in settling in and allows you to focus on your teaching. As a whole, there is no better department in the school to be a member of the team, they are supportive, welcoming and knowledgeable all of which have helped me throughout my training year and enabled me to pursue a career in teaching.

UCAS Codes

Subject Codes:

Barr Beacon School2X2K



Dame Elizabeth Cadbury2Z5K

Elmwood School2X2L

Etone College2X2N

Grace Academy2Z6S

Ormiston Shelfield34BL