The MFL subject sessions have been a really important part of the course for me as these sessions have been an opportunity to share with the other MFL trainees ideas about our own development and practice and to provide support when the going has been ‘tough’. The Course Leader is a very knowledgeable tutor who has shared freely many practical tips for improving classroom practice. In the sessions we have been able to explore language teaching pedagogy and to reflect upon the transference of this theory into the classroom. There have been wide and varied range of topics which have promoted our development and also flexible sessions to address specific focus areas which really made it feel like the course was being personalised to our needs. Many of the topics covered were very practical and relevant to the classroom and have contributed to my improving teaching skills. The session have been well planned to build our knowledge over time and to provide us with a bank of skills and resources to employ in our day-to-day practice. I am certain that the strong foundations laid down by these sessions will help me to succeed in my NQT year and beyond. I have really enjoyed the sharing of ideas and the collaborative nature of the sessions. Thank you for delivering such an interesting and thought provoking programme for us.

UCAS Codes


Etone College2X2Q

Barr Beacon School2X2P

Dame Elizabeth Cadbury2Z5T

Ormiston Shelfield34BR


Barr Beacon School2X2R

Dame Elizabeth Cadbury - 2Z5W

Etone College2X2S


Etone College2X2V

Barr Beacon School2X2T

Ormiston Shelfied34BS