"I've thoroughly enjoyed my subject sessions over the course of the year. The subject sessions have been very much designed to link with the professional studies sessions throughout the year and I've enjoyed how the subject sessions themselves interpret information and teaching pedagogy discussed in professional studies and then break these down in relation to your subject area, helping me to link theory to practice. One of the aspects I've particularly enjoyed has been accessing the department during these subject sessions and going into lessons to see how experienced teachers cater for a range of different pupils and implemented the specific focuses we as trainees were working on that week in their lessons. As PE is a practical subject I found these sessions highly valuable to my development to visually see how teacher implemented these different strategies into their lessons and then the chance to discuss ideas after with other trainees and my mentor was also very important in my development. I believe the flexibility around certain sessions in the calendar has also been a strength. This was mainly due to the subject leader assessing our emerging needs through observations and open discussions with ourselves throughout the year and then designing sessions to cater for these needs over the course of the year. Our views are valued at the end of each session and if we have any thoughts on what could be implemented over the subject sessions the SCITT is open to here these ides and adapt aspects to meet these needs."

UCAS Codes

To apply simply find the course using the code below on UCAS and select which location you would prefer to train at using the campus codes.

Physical Education: 2X2W

Available at the following locations:

  • (A) Elmwood School
  • (B) Brownhills School
  • (D) Dame Elizabeth Cadbury
  • (S) Shelfield Community Academy
  • (H) Bloxwich Academy
  • (-) Barr Beacon School