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Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course

If you’d like to teach a particular subject, but feel your academic knowledge needs building up or refreshing, a subject knowledge enhancement course (SKE) could be for you. This route will follow a course between 8 – 28 weeks which will help strengthen your knowledge and confidence before commencing your initial teaching training course.

The aim of SKE courses is to make teaching an accessible and sustainable career path to a range of graduates. They are designed to bring a candidates knowledge of a subject up to a secondary teaching level. This pre-initial teacher training SKE course is right for you if you’re a prospective teacher of secondary education and a SKE course has been made a condition of your offer of a place for teacher training.

What do we offer?

SKE Courses that are offered at Barr Beacon SCITT:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • English

We offer a variety of course lengths (between 8 – 28 weeks) depending on your subject and the amount of enhancement your subject knowledge needs.

Your ITT provider can provide you with assistance with this. Length of course can be:

Short Course

8-12 weeks for Enhanced GCSE SKE

Medium Course

16-20 weeks for Enhanced A Level SKE

Long Course

24-28 weeks for Combined GCSE and A Level SKE


This course will be provided online by a highly respected provider of SKE content, VIDLEARN. This provider provides bespoke support, pre-recorded lessons and resources as well as support from tutors and course leader.

You're eligible for an SKE course if:

  • Your degree isn't in the subject you'd like to teach, or at least closely related.
  • You studied your chosen subject at A-level, but not to degree level.
  • You have relevant professional experience, i.e. you're an accountant looking to train as a maths teacher.
  • You have been offered a place on a training course with SKE course as a condition to complete before ITT
  • Your teacher training subject matches the SKE subject that you are applying for.


SKE courses are fully funded by the DfE with eligible candidates receiving a £175 per week tax-free bursary. The purpose of this training bursary funding is to assist with additional costs participants incur while undertaking the SKE course. The SKE requires 25 hours of study per week if completed full time. Part time hours of study are also available for participants if needed. Bursaries are paid in arrears subject to trainees’ successful engagement with the course.

If you wish to complete your chosen course in a shorter amount of time (for example, complete a 12-week course in 8 weeks) then this will affect your bursary entitlement and will only receive a bursary of the time completed.

If the SKE course overlaps with a full-time ITT course or SD salaried course then SKE training bursary will cease once you start their course.

You are eligible for a bursary if you:

  • Have a upper second class honour or higher. If you have a third class degree are not eligible for a SKE bursary. However, if you have a higher academic qualification (E.g. Masters) then they would be eligible for a bursary.
  • Have not obtained a direct matching degree in their chosen ITT subject within the last five years.
  • Do not receive another teacher training bursary or SD salary.
  • Are not undertaking a SKE course in parallel with your ITT.

Meet the Team

We're with you throughout your journey with us.


Michael Eszrenyi


Michael's role is to oversee the overall SCITT partnership and the quality assurance of the partnership.

Shaan Lehal

SKE Coordinator

Shaan’s role is to oversee the day-to-day operations of our SKE courses.

Lindsey Haywood

SCITT Adminstrator

Lindsey is on hand to answer any questions you may have and to ensure the smooth running of the programme on a daily basis.


How can I apply?

To apply, click HERE and choose the subject you are interested in studying.

Have the following information ready in order to complete your application process.

  • Details of your teacher training route.
  • Your ITT provider’s details.
  • Your degree history.
  • Details of your A Levels (or equivalent).

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed. If accepted, you will receive an email and a text message confirming your place on the SKE course with further details. Any questions can be directed to