Throughout all phases of the course, you will have a personalised timetable that allows you to develop and excel in the necessary skills to become a teacher to students of all backgrounds, abilities and dispositions. Trainees’ development is continually supported by the work of experienced teachers, mentors and leaders.

We firmly believe that the most effective teachers are reflective teachers. You will reflect on your practice throughout the course with subject mentors, classroom teachers and course leaders. In addition, you will complete termly reviews and have termly review meetings to critically analyse your progress and practice and set appropriate targets for your emerging needs. You will collect evidence throughout the year to meet all of the Teachers’ Standards and present this in the form of a presentation and commentary at the end of the year. You will track your journey through the teacher training year by means of your Trainee Portfolio. You will complete assignments towards your PGCE qualification.

Pre-Course Induction

Your journey to becoming a teacher begins with a carefully planned pre-course induction. In May and June you will be enrolled onto our evening webinars and in July you’ll take part in our full-day pre-course induction. This will introduce you to the course, the SCITT team and your fellow trainee teachers. You’ll start your training with us in September 2024 and our course is divided into four key phases:

Phase 1


  • During your initial weeks on the course, you’ll take part in induction days for the SCITT, your main placement school and the PGCE.
  • You will spend Phase 1 being immersed in all aspects of school life in a detailed, hands-on school induction led by your personal mentor.
  • You will begin a personalised build-up to 50% of whole-class teaching.
  • Regular Professional Studies sessions are delivered by expert facilitators and equip you with essential teaching and learning skills.

Phase 2

October - December

  • At the heart of our SCITT programme is a hands-on experience in schools and classrooms and during this period you will build up to 50% whole class teaching and take part in collaborative teaching experiences.
  • You receive a bespoke training package, which includes additional support in specialist subjects, promotes access to all aspects of school life.

Phase 3


  • You will experience a contrasting school placement.
  • Our on-going Professional Studies continues your professional development throughout Term 2.
  • Your teaching timetable will increase to 60% whole class teaching by the end of Phase 3.
  • You will focus on group-work and interventions

Phase 4

April - June

  • Your teaching timetable increases to 80% whole class teaching by the end of Phase 4.
  • You will have collected evidence throughout the year to show how you are meeting all of the Teachers’ Standards.
  • You will have completed your assignments towards your PGCE qualification (delivered in partnership with our HEI provider).
  • We run a range of sessions that prepare you for the transition to your role as a Early Carrer Teacher (ECT).

Phase 5

July - ECTs

  • Completion of programme
  • QTS recommended
  • Employment in Education
  • Continued SCITT support for ECTs
  • ECT induction programme in a partnership school